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Background remover for any image - Remove-BG.AI

With Remove-BG.AI, you no longer need complex and expensive software like Photoshop, Adobe, or Canva to remove the background image. Simply follow our instructions below, and in just a few seconds our AI background remover will effortlessly create a new background-free image in HD quality!

Upload an image

Click on Upload or drag your desired image into the upload box.

Remove & Edit Background

Remove-BG.AI will automatically remove background, in a few seconds. You can edit the photo background further, change and make it transparent or put a new colored background on it.

Download in HD

Satisfied with your new photo background? Download it with HD quality and share.

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Get Remove BG AI mobile app

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Remove BG photo online without professionals!

AI automatically delete bg

Remove background automatically by AI

The advanced AI allows the automatic detection of objects, foregrounds, and borders in seconds. It handles complex backgrounds with hair and fur easily with improved algorithms. Remove-BG.AI is useful for image editors, designers, marketers, and creators of all levels.

Edit the cutout manually

Manually refine the cutout

If you are not over the moon with the output of AI background removal result? No problem. Our tool allows you to manually edit the cutout. After the AI algorithm erases the image background, select the Edit Cutout where you can use a brush to paint over any remaining areas needing background removal. You can also switch the brush to Restore mode to paint back the original background to any area where too much was erased. Get a perfect cutout with the most challenging pics that AI cannot fully process automatically.

make background transparent

Make image background transparent or paint it an entirely different color

Remove-BG.AI cuts the image background out completely and efficiently. With your new transparent image, get creative with different background colors and create compositing images!

Replace background with different templates

100+ templates to replace your erased background

We have a library of background templates in anticipation of your needs. Whether it is a product photo, a selfie or a house picture, we have and will update more ready-made backgrounds to further ease your design. Along with templates, we also provide a variety of tools that help you edit photos much easier.

Use case

More than just a background remover

Our background remover is also a image editing tool. So use Remove-BG.AI to create transparent background instantly and turn images into art, stunning banners, visual presentations, product catalogs and graphics. Fully customizable on your needs.



Remove background

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What Can Remove-BG.AI Do For You?

  • Erase background online - for free

    Our background remover is free to use and is available to any user around the world to make the image segmentation process less costly and more efficient. You do not even need to sign up for an account here.

  • Remove and edit background on any devices

    The bg remover allows users to remove and edit background of photos on any device without any installation. Now you can quickly access Remove-BG on smartphones to remove background online, add a new background from hundreds templates or upload your own background, and create unique images with new layouts and contexts that suit lots of design preferences.

  • Work on all common image formats

    This background remover supports to erase bg on PNG, JPG and most other image file types. No compatibility issues.

  • Retain HD quality of images after making a background transparent (PNG):

    Our tool promises to deliver high-quality results. We retain the quality of your original picture. No distortions, no missing arms or ears for perfect object extraction.


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